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Kesabaran diuji

Posted on: July 25, 2011

Ari ni rasa nak maki, nak salahkan semua orang. Walaupon sebenarnya takde salah sape2. Jadi end up menangis tak abes2, terkenangkan 4 ribu yang burn begitu saja.

Medical result for the maid has come out today and turn out she got diabetes. which explained all the ‘kudis’ and itchiness etc. Apparently her glucose level is very very high which if we went to hospital, the hospital will ask her to be admitted. Sigh

And so, having diabetes means her Fomema(medical check up for foreign workers) failed and I have to sent her back. Another cost! Damn.

And a diabetes as high as that, is dangerous. She can get stroke and collapse at any  time. And I cant have that if she’s going to handle Danish.

So, biarlah aku menangis sekarang mengenangkan duit yg burn begitu saja dari aku menangis kalau apa2 jadi kat Danish.

Dugaan apakah ini. Sakit kepala. Sakit kepala. Stressssss


2 Responses to "Kesabaran diuji" ke? kesiannya ko.. abes tu tak boleh claim balik from ther agent? it supposed to be their responsibility la kan?

what is the next plan? new maid or how?

sian ko..takpe, better late than never. at least mcm ko cakap, tiba2 dia stroke ke tak pasal2 ok..

teruknya agent tu tak test betul betul sebelum assign to your house 😦

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