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2nd Ramadhan

Posted on: August 3, 2011

1- 2nd Ramadhan

I had great time break fast with the girls(Sem,Fatin & Zara) and their hubby last night. As usual, I intend to just buy food from pasar ramadhan but Sem was so excited to cook and since there’s someone cooking, I don’t mind..hehehe. So 4.30pm, we went to JJ and bought some stuffs as many know, my kitchen is always practically bare. The fridge is only filled with chocs.. sigh.

Sem cooked delicious masak lemak cili api, ikan tenggiri masak sambal and sayur campur. Zara brought buah melaka and Fatin got us some IKEA karipap. Oh yeah, Sem bought grapes but we forgot to serve it as it’s in the fridge.. huhu. So, if u guys want the grapes, come to my house, but I only serve the grapes, hahahaha. Unless Sem want to cook again. 😛

It was nice and great. It has been quite a while we didn’t lepak together. Though it’s quite short as Zara going to terawih n Sem back to work, the evening was awesome! Love the food, love the company, love it!

2- Marriage

Read Zara’s blog about her current life as a wife. So full of love and sweet :). I’m glad u found him Zara, after all the prayers and tests, Allah gave u the best man to accompany u for the rest of your life. Alhamdulillah.

And this morning I happen to come across some marriage advice on Yahoo and couldn’t help but agree on some of the points. U can check it out here:

There’s few articles so u can browse around.

Marriage is not a bed of roses and require strong commitment to make it last. It’s not just about love. Love alone cannot guarantee it.

InsyaAllah, let’s work hard to make sure our marriage/relationship lasts 🙂


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