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10 years of friendship

Posted on: August 5, 2011

Last few days, a colleague bump into me and Sem, she’s very surprised that we know each other since I’m new at the office. To those who did not know, Sem and I work in the same office now.

Anyway, I casually replied, “Yes, she’s my collegemate, my uni mate” and Sem also said “Yeah, only that we went to different audit firm before”.

Then it hit me! This year means 10 years we have been friends!! 10 years and going strong!! Hahahah, mcm relationship lak 😛

So, to the following people, who STILL enter my life telling me their own drama, happy 10 years of friendship!! Let’s be friend for another 10! Heheheh

In alphabetical order:

– Aan (we met on the internet :))

– Aliaa (on / off updates)

– Fatin

– Midah

– Nura (on/off updates :P)

– Sem

– Wani

– Zara

There’s other friends that hit this mark too but we have totally lost contact such as Ee!! Ee.. where r u. And Zuril, r u still reading my blog?

To all my dear friends, I sincerely hope we will be friends forever.

Thank you for entering my life and make it colourful. Love u all


5 Responses to "10 years of friendship"

Oh my…10 years already? You made me feel old. Damn! Hahaha….

Internet…gagagagaga. OMG terato kan.. gagagaga

Yeah, terato laa.. haven’t open the forum in few years already. Hahahah.

We r getting old 😛

A’ah lah..Dah 10 yrs! OMG! Love u all! Mmmmuah!

feens, i’m still here!..Hehehe…sorry babe coz I haven’t caling2 or facebooking you guys…zara yg selalu jd tukang update. i’m working in kota bharu now.

Ala ee, rindu laaaa… lepak sama2.. huhu.
Kalo datang KL, calling2 la, kot2 sempat berjumpa.

take care ok 🙂

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