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Kuih raya oh kuih raya

Posted on: August 25, 2011

Every year when everybody busy ordering for kuih raya, I just lepak and observe them. Before I got married, I never have to order any kuih raya as my parents will prepare them. The 1st year raya as a daughter in law, I bought my MIL some biskut raya from Jln TAR. And last year, my 2nd raya, I don’t really remember if I buy any cookies or not, probably not.

Every year, my MIL will make her ‘famous’ (famous among family members) choc chip cookies, almond london and samprit.

However this year, due to taking care of my little Danish, my MIL don’t have the time to make any cookies. So she ordered some. And it turned out not so nice at all.

And me, feeling guilty as it’s because of my son that she dont have time to make cookies, feel obligated to buy her the best cookies in town, at the last minute!


So earlier this week I began my delicious cookies hunting. Of course, nobody accept any last minute order anymore. Sigh

I’m tempted to buy those at pasar ramadhan and bazaar but how do I know it’s nice?

Then, yesterday Sem told me that kak nani rostam, mother of the famous Hanis Zalikha has some cookies ‘yang tak bertuan’. Apparently some people order from here but didn’t bother to follow up or pick up the cookies. So at lunch time yesterday, Sem and I went to buy some of the cookies.

I bought 3 types; Choc almond, Beautiful Blueberry and Cheese Tart. Each is Rm30 and have 50 cookies.

During iftar, we tried the cookies and hubby suggested to go again and buy more. Cos it just so tasty!! All of them are tasty and crunchy and just sooo nice.

So later today, I’ll be going to her house again for more cookies!

I feel so grateful for those selfish people who order but didn’t pick it up. Cos I get to taste the tasty cookies at the last minute!! 😀



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