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128 Faubourg – Sothys (One Utama)

Posted on: September 8, 2011

Just got back from facial at 128 Faubourg salon by Sothys. My god, the whole time i’m there, i keep wishing, please don’t end yet, i love this, pls let me be there for a long time. It was so nice! The therapist hand is so good and firm when she massage my face. Seriously loving every moment of it.

My last facial was before I got married which was like 2 years ago and suddenly, I decided it’s time to take care of my skin as i’m nearing the big 3-0 in 2 years time.  So I googled and read lots of reviews and decided between Lancome and Sothys. I’m more tempted towards Lancome but they are fully booked. And 128 Faubourg is just next to my office.

When I got there, I have to fill up some forms then the therapist asked me on my skin and lifestyle. She even asked how i like the treatment to be; warm or cold water, firm or soft massage. And just what she did during the session, using warm water and firmly massage my shoulder. It’s so good! Btw, her name is Charlene, i think, hehe.

She recommended a treatment for me, which I forgot what it’s called but she said since my last facial was years ago, this treatment should help the skin after so long being ignored (ok, thats my word).

Anyway, the whole session is around 2 hours. The ambience is nice and cosy. Before the session start, she asked me to change into a robe and place my feets in the feet ‘warmer’ (is that what those thing called?). It was nice.

Ok, everything is nice there, including the price, huhuhu. But since my last facial was years ago, i guess spending a bit is ok. After the whole treatment, she did recommend to be their members and buy some products but I just said, I will think about it and some more, I just bought new skincare products last week. She didn’t pressed for more,, just smile and shove those brochures away. Nice!! Don’t have to be persuaded to buy their products.

Hope I will be able to go again in the future. Did I say it was so nice? Ahhhh

First time customers are entitled to 30% discounts.

Since my office is next to the mall, I planned to try facial at some other salon, to get that first time customer discounts..heheh


6 Responses to "128 Faubourg – Sothys (One Utama)"

hey reveal me the price! My neighbor almost 50 i think and so pretty..she said she goes to sothys regularly. Ok now i’m tempted

check it out here

deduct 30% for first time 🙂

those rm 50/60 xde ok. Min rm200

ohh mu neighbor tu almost 50 years old I mean. hehehe..harga dia mmg dah agak 200-300.

she has 5 kids kut..and serious cantik bebbbb

i read a lots of review on sothys and they really said its good. and very satisfied with the service. Worth the money i think. But to become a regular, hmmm… susah kot. hehehe

Hi just curious.. How much did the facial cost?

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