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Sick society

Posted on: September 8, 2011

Oh, I’m sorry for those that keep checking i update or not. After a week off, I feel so terribly lazy to do anything! I even come to work late everyday since the holiday, sighhh.

My hari raya was nice. We spend the 1st 2 days in Penang and the remaining days in Kedah. My inlaws are the sort of people that stay at home for people to come during hari raya. Likewise, my family is the kind of people that never at home since solat raya until 12am! Yeah, whole day out visiting relatives and friends.

And it’s only during raya I can meet my poor relatives, either on my side or inlaws side. On my inlaws side, these relatives will come visit whereas on my parents side, we will masuk kampung, yang jalan kecik gile, abis kete penuh dengan habuk jalan etc…

But it’s a good eye opener. Cos then u realize u r soooo damn lucky! These people even don’t have baju raya or rendang for hari raya. They just cannot afford it! And yet sometimes I complained about lack of money when I can purchase a baju raya worth more than rm200. These poor people can get a shock if they know how much that simple baju kurung worth!

Aishh… I’m so ungrateful.

There’s this one family visit my inlaws during the eid. Apparently she have been conned by her own niece which sold her ONLY house and land. And now she stay at one of unknown land and the house is like a shack, the whole house house seems to be in ruin except for the kitchen side so they stay in the kitchen.

They came from Taiping to Penang by bus.

So sad. And those stupid selfish people, may they rot in hell, for conning people, just to be rich. Stupid selfish people.

It’s not a drama, it’s real. These kind of people exist!

Ya Allah, please protect me, my family, my future generations and my friends from becoming this sort fo people. Let us be grateful for what we have and not be too greedy.

Our society is so sick, people just didn’t care about others anymore. All they want is money.


2 Responses to "Sick society"

Uh Terengganu side (the makcik2 tua) is quite poor, so biasa jugak la..kesian kan..but they seems happy. And damn you la the conman. Penipu satu hal, but conning the poor? Keji to the max okkk!! Dah la they have nothing left…ughhh..mmg society kita dah teruk sgt..with a lot of incident lately which is terang terangan. Nobody scared or shame doing it in public anymore.

Ps; When danish will be here?

Looking for new maid now, and i still have to go overseas soon, so tak bley nak settle down lagi.. huhu

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