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Long distance marriage

Posted on: September 12, 2011

I’m in a flight frm Penang to subang when I’m writing this. So I have lots of time to spare before the flight landed.

I’m a frequent blog hopper. And I have discovered that there’s lots of couples experiencing what I experienced now- long distance marriage.
Some are much worse I think. Like oil rig engineer who have to be away for few months, those in military, be it in air force or sea force(?), working with shipping company etc

And I realized I’m quite lucky actually. I get to see my family every weekend without fail. Alhamdulillah. My situation is not so bad. I just read one blog earlier where her husband have to work at sea, donno he’s an engineer or in military etc, they can’t even have hari raya together! Cos he’s away at sea. Kesian kan. So, I’m fortunate.

But I still hope one day, all of us could live together in one house, no more weekend traveling. Must pray hard that FIL business keep blooming and can build one office in KL, hehehe.

I feel so bad troubling sem and maksu every weekend to send me and fetch me when I hv to go back Penang/KL. Sigh. But because of the office delaying in sending me to overseas, I didn’t dare to make any arrangement with the nursery, scared I have to go immediately. Sigh, I donno why a big organization such as them quite lousy when it come to this sort of arrangement. Sigh

Hope we can settle this soon. So tired!


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