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Roadtrip: Kuantan & Terengganu

Posted on: September 23, 2011

It has been quiet sometimes since my last update huh.

Last weekend, was my sister wedding reception on the groom side, in Kuantan.

We shared good moments there as all my aunties that stayed in KL were also attending. We had good time taking photos, laugh that I wonder what the groom side are thinking of us, hehehe.

After the wedding, my parents and my uncle went to Cherating and Mr H and I move to Terengganu. It’s only the two of us. And so, the adventure began.

We have Garmin the GPS with us but we are not following it, boleh? We thought there’s a nice highway to Terengganu, u know, just like the North South highway. So we tried to find the highway and Garmin didn’t detect any highway. So we asked a local and he showed us the way. Apparently the highway is incomplete. We have to take normal road to Terengganu.

Before we went, some people said the route will have nice views, u will see lots of beaches. Guess what, we didn’t see any beaches until we reached the hotel! Yeah, we took the wrong route.

The route is really small and have lots of lorries. It was rainy, there wasn’t any road lamp around, it’s full of palm oil, it was a very lonely road. If your car broke down, it will be very hard to get any help.

Lesson learnt: If u have Garmin, follow Garmin. Don’t think u know the road more than what Garmin have in the memory, hehehe. It took us like 4 hours from Kuantan to K.Terengganu (KT) using that road! When actually if u use the beaches route, it will only be 2 ½ hours. Sigh.

Anyway, we stayed at Primula Beach Resort. The hotel was ok, the room was ok, but the cleaner didn’t really clean it thoroughly. There’s hairs all around the bath tub, ughh. I mean, it’s a 4 star hotel, suppose to be the nicest hotel in KT and yet, it didn’t meet my expectation.

My uncle suggested we eat at Tenang Restaurant at Pantai Batu Burok. The hotel is also around that area so it’s quite near to the restaurant. My neighbor suggested eating at the hotel itself, he said their grilled fish is so nice but I’m so excited to explore KT that I urged Mr H to have dinner at Tenang. And so I regret it. We ordered Tom yam, siakap 3 rasa, ayam masak kunyit and kalian ikan masin. The tomyam and ayam masak kunyit was nice but the others are so-so. They even didn’t replenish their stock when we ask for telur bungkus, milo and seafood (sotong & udang). Dissappointed!

Anyway, after dinner we went to local pasar malam. Mr H said if u want to know what the locals are eating, go pasar malam. Apparently we were late and most stall have closed. We just bought some keropok lekor and apam balik.

Next day, after breakfast at the hotel, we went to see the beach. Their beaches are not recommended for swim as the tide is quite high. So we just walk for few minutes and went shopping at Pasar Payang. Ok, when people said songket and silk and batik is cheap in KT, I really thought CHEAP by my standard. But NO, it’s not. A normal sampin costs roughly around RM150. The high quality ones, of course thousands! Maybe I’m not a frequent sampin buyer but I don’t think it’s cheap. And kaftan that we wear to sleep, roughly around rm25-45. Depends on the design and material. Expensive right? I still buy some though. And the silk, I’m so looking forward to this trip cos I want to buy some batik silk and there are rm200 and above!! After bargaining ok. The price tag will be like 400 plus and so when u bargain, it’s half the price. Sigh. Maybe the locals can get cheaper? I don’t know. What I know, it’s still expensive. Anyway, though expensive, I still spend hundreds there.

Then we went to Noor Arfa Craft Centre. The sampin there is only around RM150, which if in Pasar Payang is much costly. And the batik and kaftans is also quite nice but not cheap. I’m not a frequent customer of Noor Arfa in KL but they said it is cheaper in KT. So, few damages there as well.

We had lunch at a restaurant called “Mat Binjai”. Apparently it’s quite famous. We were there at around 3 pm and people still keep coming. Thankfully we have Garmin, it just show us the way. I had my first taste of turtle egg. I think it’s quite nice but I heard that it’s very high in cholesterol so I just taste one egg. And it’s prohibited too, right? Endangered species, but even in Pasar Payang, so many people are selling the egg. So I feel quite confused, isn’t the enforcement officer doing anything?

On the second day, we stayed at another hotel, Felda Residence. I read good reviews about it and want to try. It’s at the waterfront in KT and it’s a new hotel so everything is nice. I like it there better than Primula.

In the evening, we went hunting for the best keropok lekor in town. When I googled, people mention about keropok lekor BTB. And so we off to Kg Bukit Tok Beng and once there, we took our number and wait. It’s like a bank there, u take number, when ur number is called, u buy the keropok. U can also eat there and for eating there, u don’t have to take any number. Just queue. The keropok was really nice that we kinda regret we didn’t buy 50 batang, we only bought 25 and 20 is given to my in laws. When we cooked it, even for the two of us, we have to use 3 batang to satisfy ourselves. No wonder when I was there, I saw people buying in a really huge quantity, lots of big plastic bags. So if u happen to be there, buy a LOT!! I asked the staff there, she said it can last up to 2-3 weeks when u put in the freezer.

After buying the keropok, we went to Masjid Kristal. It’s nice but I think I like masjid Putrajaya and Jalan Duta more. We didn’t managed to go to the Taman Tamadun Islam as it’s nearly 7 at that time.

Then we went to Pantai Teluk Ketapang ( I think that’s the name), it’s near the airport. We had snack at one of the stall selling all kind of deep fried seafood. Pari celup tepung, sotong celup tepung, everything celup tepung, even keropok lekor! We had pari, sotong, udang and cendawan celup tepung. It was really nice and crunchy.

After maghrib prayer, we decided to go back to Primula and have dinner there. But once we got there, the restaurant is so quiet, the ikan bakar stall was not even open! So then we decide to look around the other area nearby and guess what, it’s like a dead town. Not much shop or restaurant. I think most stalls open only during weekend. So we went back to Pantai Batu Burok and eat at a restaurant next to the Tenang Restaurant. And Tenang food is much better than that restaurant. Sigh. I think it is quite problematic when u want to eat outside in KT when it’s not weekend or holiday season cos even the restaurant at the hotel we staying, felda, is also closed! There just isn’t much choices.

So the next day, after breakfast, we started to drive back to KL. Again, I googled to find the beach route. We managed to find it and the scenery was really beautiful. We keep stopping, buying local delicacies such as akok, beke etc. We even stopped at the turtle sanctuary in Rantau Abang but they have released all the turtles so we can’t meet any turtles. Sigh

All in all, it was a nice trip but I think KT don’t really have much to offer except for the songket and silk. The beach was nice but not all beach are suitable for swimming.

I think if there’s a next time, I prefer to just fly there. It took us 7 hours to get to KL – most because we stop here and there. And Tanjung Jara is FAR from KT. Initially we plan to stay there but it was fully booked. Thank God for that. It was FAR! If u happen to be in Tg Jara, it’s really far to go KT, around 1 hour like that.

Oh well. It was a nice trip nonetheless.


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Ahaha the silk mmg quite expensive but good quality one. Anyway i cant tell pun, my mom do all the shopping. And telur penyu soooo yummyyyy. I dont know why the authority do nothing but according to the seller the eggs is not local, it’s frm sabah. But as if it matters kan..tetap telur penyu and endangered specias.

Ps: we stop at each beach when we went back via jalan pantai! Masa tu baru kawen and not rushing..took us 11 hours :p

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