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Are we safe?

Posted on: September 26, 2011

My office are full of foreigners, from middle east, Europe, Africa, everywhere!

My next desk neighbor is from Luxembourg.

Recently she asked: “ Is it safe to walk in KL?” And there I was, contemplating to tell her the truth or to lie and say, yes, Malaysia is a very safe country.

I decided to tell her the truth. I told her about snatch theft and recently, acid splashing incidents.

She’s horrified! And scared.

And someone told her that she have to be careful too when she’s in a cab, cos she can also be a victim of rape and get killed.

High risk.

 I personally never been in a cab alone. I’m just scared.

If I lie and told her everywhere in Malaysia is safe, then I’ll be feeling guilty if something bad did happen to her.

At least now I warn her, she will be extra careful when travelling in KL. Right?

And yes, like her, I think London is much safer.


3 Responses to "Are we safe?"

i memula bace…ok…relex..then the last part…yea right…x de nye safina same je…at least i kat KL tak pernah la lagi kena ape2 (ni bkn being proud, just sharing)…first night I kat London my laguage kena curi k…the big one…how???…ceta panjang sgt…ssh nak summarykan kat sini….kat sini I nak jln sengsorang tak berani kot…balik kul 9pm pun cam dah takde org…kalu KL besepah org klr cari makan…kat sini…org klr gi mana lagi..minum la…last month ade bdk chiness malaysia kena rape kat collage by local….ok dah membebel..I maybe right or might also being wrong in these…..conclusion…kat mane pun sama je….kena jg diri btl2…doa everytime…n hope He will keep us safe all the way….anyway pry for my safety here k…semlm i gi beli roti pun leh kena kacau dgn pak itam k…stress nak gi memana pun nak kena org temankan!!!

Sal, ye ke. Masa kat uk, I feel I’m much safer. Maybe cos it’s not London. Kesiannya kat u luggage kena curi. I hope u will be fine and will complete ur studies soon.
Take care

To me, Msia is not safe, but it’ll be more dangerous if u r not local sbb u dont understand the culture, the way ppl behave, eg taxi driver saiko kan..and the language. Kalau local, ada hunch. But yeah better tell the truth, at least she’ll be cautious and don’t simply trust people.

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