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Latest addiction

Posted on: September 29, 2011

I’m so addicted to all this discount vouchers. U know, cheap deals from groupon, mydeal, milkadeal etc. I subscribed to all discount voucher websites that I encountered.

It is sooooo addicted! This week alone I have spend on 4 types of vouchers! Sigh. Blame on having too many free time.

Last weekend, I bought high tea buffet deal at evergreen laurel hotel in penang, only RM13 per person! How can u resist that? And I’ve eaten there before and it’s sooo nice. So, bought for the whole family. Maybe we will go next weekend.

Then, I was thinking of doing facial. Well, I tried to make sure to do one facial a month. And guess what, I found one deal and it’s at the curve, which is close to my house! And so I bought that as well and will be doing the facial this evening. Hope it’s good and there won’t be hard sell (yeah, right!).

And I have used the voucher I bought for photobook, just RM49 instead of RM300, real bargain right? And the photobook turn out to be so nice that my inlaws also want one and I was thinking of doing for my family too. But just when I’m looking, there’s no photobook deal around. If u know any, pls let me know before the deal end ok.

And last few days, groupon was having 50% discount for Manhattan Fish Market seafood platter! And so, I bought them too. 50% off ok, and I like their seafood platter.

And this morning, there’s a deal for 4 12R size posters for only RM19!! I can print more photos of Danish! How good is that! And to make sure this time my in laws and family can experience this deal too, I bought 4 vouchers! Yeah.

Sometimes I just hate internet shopping. Grrr, and salary not even in yet! More grrr.

But they are cheap!!!


1 Response to "Latest addiction"

Haha..i saw the MFM deal too, tempted to buy but thank God my condition is refraining me frm doing so. Yeah, they are so addictive, dah la click2 je.

Ps: show me the puppet when dah siap eh 😀

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