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Facial review: My Solutions @ the Curve

Posted on: September 30, 2011

I redeemed my facial treatment voucher yesterday at My Solution the Curve.

The process start with analyzing my skin using some machine. The therapist test my skin moisture level, pH level, elasticity and sumthg else. Conclusion: My skin is a bit dry in certain places.

Then, she zoom in to get clearer picture of my skin. I can see on the screen how actually my skin look like. It is so dry. I can see the flakes and I don’t really like what I’m seeing. In my head I was like eewwww. Not a good skin at all. Sigh.

Then, before we start with the facial treatment, I soaked my feet and they placed a warm shoulder pillow massage on my shoulder. It was nice.

I don’t really remember the steps during the treatment, but it was ok.

What was nice from my experience:

– They use lots of machine. Ok, I am easily impressed with machine or gadget cos I think using them, may make my skin better than manually? The facial that I did last month only use one machine – the steamer. I guess that’s a must have in every beauty salon. But this time, got few machines. I cannot remember the names.. huhu.

– the therapist explained each step that she did. Though I cannot even recall the names. It was good nonetheless.

– no hard sell at all. Once finished, i just made the payment. It’s not good for them, i do suggest to do little marketing, not too much but no marketing at all? Hmm, I’m happy but not for the business!

What I don’t like about this experiences:

– the therapist who did my skin analysis and who did the treatment is a different person. I prefer it to be the same person so that she can understand my skin and did a treatment to treat my current skin condition.

– before we start, she give me a leaflet, asking if I want to do additional treatment. But the leaflet has no details on what the treatment is about, just some technical names like oxy treatment etc, which I have no idea what it does. When I asked the therapist, she’s also clueless. I guess she’s new but that really give a baadddd impression.

If she’s well trained, she should suggest additional treatment based on my skin analysis before, if my skin is dry, suggest hydration treatment. I would buy! Cos after what I saw during the analysis, I feel the need to improve my skin condition.

Instead, she ended up recommend the treatment that she familiar with. Hmmpphhh.

– During the extraction process, she really extract a lot. And this morning, I ended up with pimples on the extraction area. Hmmmpppphhhhhh.

My last month facial, the therapist only extract a little bit, just 3-4 i think and I didn’t get any reddish marks on my skin or pimples.

– I have been going to different beauty centre for facial before and at the end of the treatment, they always massage my scalp and shoulder. But this time, just shoulder, 😦 . Massage my head too plssss

All in all, I thankful I bought the voucher at discount price. If I have to pay full amount, I would choose last month beauty centre, 128 Faubourg. Satisfied!


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