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Financial freedom – where to start? Helppp

Posted on: October 6, 2011

Last night, I was teaching my aunty on time value of money. Present value, future value, annuity etc. Then one of the question talk about how much this guy should save now to have this amount when he retire in 20 years time.

So, we did the question and it got me thinking. How much should I save now so I can retire comfortably?

So this morning, I google about investment. Invest in unit trust or buy stock or what?

I get so dizzy reading all the articles. Where do I start?

If I invest in unit trust, which unit trust? Will 2008 financial crash repeat itself? Am I prepared to lose? Aishhh

How? My saving is not much right now. Infact, I keep withdraw my saving frequently now. The money just not enough. And the credit card bills, give me headache each time thinking about it.

Should I do the balance transfer to my new credit card? I do realised I paid quite significant amount of financial charges now.

I just don’t know.

Where do I start?

And I’m an accountant too.. huhuh


1 Response to "Financial freedom – where to start? Helppp"

I am having the same nightmare lately…

If I did my maths (and finance) correctly, I will be debt free only by the time I reach 33 years old. Provided that no big incidents in between.

But now preparing for this coming events has brought me to near bankruptcy even though I thought that I have stashed away enough cash for the big day.

I may need to be more realistic and make sure I am debt free before I reach 40 :p

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