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Rent baby toys

Posted on: October 7, 2011

I’ve been meaning to write about this but always forgot.

Ok, when Danish was just born, I want to buy everything for him. I think all mothers are like that, hehehe. I want to buy the best toy that I think can help his development. But these kind of toys are so expensive! Especially those from Fisher Price, Lamaze etc.

Then I found this website: .

U can rent any toy that available on the website by paying the deposit and the monthly charges! And the choices is quite wide too.

I’ve been renting toys from them since Danish is one month old! With this, Danish can get new toy every month, and I don’t have to spend too much! I just have to pay the rental charges and carry forward the deposit.

They will deliver the toy to ur doorstep. And once the one month is up, u can either continue or change to new toy. Just pay rm13 and they will pick it up from your door! So easy!

Since Danish was born, I’ve been longing to get him to try Fisher Price Jumperoo cos it looks so fun and when I read reviews on the net, they said it’s the best toy ever. But the price is RM700!! No way I would spend that much on a toy that can only be played for few months! Luckily it’s available on the site. I have to pay the deposit and the monthly rental is around rm49! And I have been continuing with that toy for 3 months now cos Danish absolutely loving it.

So, if you have babies or toddler, if u want ur kids to play with expensive toys but u don’t have money to spend on them, rent them! The condition is quite good too. It doesn’t look like used toys. And so far, alhamdulillah, Danish loves them.


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