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Going off soon

Posted on: October 11, 2011

I’m not in a good mood lately. The office has confirmed that they are sending me to Norway for 2 months. And I’m going this weekend.

And I’ve got so much headache figuring out what to pack, so many things to buy and I’m so not looking forward to go there.

Cos apparently Norway is the most expensive place in the world! Sighhhhhhh

So I have to buy the necessary things for me to survive there and I’m not sure if it’s within the luggage allowance. Ahhhhh

And I’ve been thinking and missing Danish all the time too. Urghhh

Especially since Danish have been clingy lately. Only want me when I’m around. I feel so sad.

Headache headache.

I just hope everything go smoothly, I can come back to Msia on time, and later arrange for Danish to stay with me here in KL.

And its winter too. I hate winter. U cannot go anywhere during winter. And winter coats are bulky and expensive. And ugg boots are ugly.

At least I’m going to a country I never been to and never even thought of going.

Hopefully I will have some fun.


4 Responses to "Going off soon"

when r u going? Tell me bila dah ada tarikh k

wow Norway….let me know once u there k….hope everything goes well 🙂

Aan & Sal,
I will update this blog once I’m there, hehehe. 🙂

I just read this post…now I’m devastated because I know you wouldn’t be able to make it to my wedding (even with it being 3 events with 3 different week)

Anyway, I am also very happy for you…have fun in Norway, dear~

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