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Greetings from Norway

Posted on: October 16, 2011

It’s 2.30am now in Norway. I just woke up. I’ve been sleeping since 4pm. Lama tido kan, hehehe. letih sangat.

The time difference is +6 with Malaysia.

I’m hungry. I actually tapau something from the market earlier, a vegetarian spagetthi that cost me 80 NOK, approx RM42. But I tapau it around noon, and now it’s 2am, so that food already basi. What a waste of my money. Cos I bought it at local market, they cannot issue receipt thus I won’t be able to claim back from the company. Sigh. Lesson learnt: Next time just buy bread or fruits from grocery store.

I wish there’s kettle inside the room, then I can cook some maggi. But there’s nothing! 😦 And inside the fridge there’s choc, crisp and cream crackers with cheese (tried it one bite- doesn’t suit my Malay tummy,..huhu).

At least Monday I’ll be staying at an apartment. Then I can use my rice cooker and all the perencah, hehehe.

But my tummy is making songs now, huhuu. Feel so pathetic.. uhuh.

Anyway, here I am people. Making memories in Norway!

The weather is sooooo cold and windy. I forgot how it feels like.

Alhamdulillah, Allah has given me another chance to experience the cold weather again :). In a country I never thought of going.

Last 5 years, when I board the flight from UK to Msia after my final year, I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to be in 12 hours flight journey anymore. Never would have guess Allah have this in plan 🙂 Alhamdulillah. I am blessed.

Though I miss Danish so much. We skyped and he want to reach the screen and kiss me. Damnn, it hurts. Wish i can reach him and kiss him and hug him.

Bye – tears start to come.


2 Responses to "Greetings from Norway"

Hey you all the way in Norway~
How’s the 1st week?

p/s: Will Danish be tagging along later?

Hai shani.
I’m ok, still adjusting but i’mm doing good.
Danish won’t be coming. Cos I have to be at work all day, and the weather is really cold here, I dont want him to get sick. It’s just 2 months, I hope time flies really really fast, so I can go back soon!

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