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Posted on: October 19, 2011

And so, how am  I doing.

I’m good, though I began to hate the weather here.

It rain almost all the time! Hail rain too. And I have to travel to work by bus every morning cos the taxi is just so damn expensive. A 20 minutes journey by taxi cost me around RM250. Gile ke hapa

I have move to the house provided by the company. It’s a very big house for only 2 of us. It is 2 storeys and a half (the half is the attic). It is a family house, not an apartment. There’s 3 bid bedrooms with lots of mattress (there’s like 5 single mattress in one of the room?).

And I had a huge drama yesterday!

The toilet flush didn’t work. All the light won’t turn on. The front door lock doesn’t work too (if i lock the front door, i’m lock inside, i have to go to the back door to go out?) I was so pissed off.  Huge dissapointment. I request to move to another house but they said this is the only one available. Furious furious

Anyway, they call the plumber, he fixed the toilet and the lights. They will call the locksmith to come tomorrow to repair the lock.

I just hope these issues will settle soon. So frustrated!

Oh yeah, they have like a huge new 45 inch LED TV, but that also doesn’t work. So bengang. And their internet use cable!! Not wireless!! Whoever heard of cable internet these days??? So I asked them to get me a wireless router so it’s wireless, duh! Ipad cannot use cable okay!!!

So drama minggu ini kan.

Anyway, the whole house seems to be furnished with IKEA stuffs so it has a modern look. So thankful for that!!

U know, when I used to study in Lancaster, I wish for a house like this. A big house, with a big yard, at a countryside. Never thought Allah grant my wish this way. 🙂 U just never know.

Every morning I have to take a bus to the office. Took me like 40 mins to get there as the office is really in the industrial area. This morning I went out from house around 7.15am, reach office around 8.25am cos I stop at the main station to get the bus card. The monthly bus card costs me 600 NOK, around RM320 for 30 days. Expensive huh?

Anyway, it has been a loooong time since i used bus. And how I wish I got a car. Infact, all of my colleagues here wish we got a car. Cos with all the hail rain, and the cold windy weather, u just want to be warm and dry. I got soaked when I walk to the bus stop this evening. Sigh.

The working hours here is quite flexible. U can come at 8 and go back at 4, or 9 to 5pm. But around 4, the whole office seems quiet already. The lunch hour is at 11.30am, very early right? And the company have a big canteen with variety of food.I love the canteen. It’s cheap and varies! Yesterday I had rice for lunch, with veggie soup. It was delicious! and cost me only around RM15. Cos it’s the company canteen, the company has subsidised significant portion thus make them cheap.

Other than that, I have started working. The people are friendly enough to teach u everything. The area is so multi national that u can even find sushi at the local cafe!! Cos the main industry here is oil and gas thus u find many nationalities here. I like that. Feels nice.

And I still got jetlagged. Woke up at 3am, by 1pm, I felt so tired! It’s 8.30pm now here in Norway, around 2.30am in Msia and I am sooo sleepy!

Nite nite

p/s: please ignore the spelling mistakes etc cos I’m so sleepy, my mind is not functioning well.


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