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Weekend is here!

Posted on: October 22, 2011

I have survived for a week!! 7 more weeks to go!! Time pls fly very very fast!!

U know wht, I won’t recommend ppl to come here, hahaha. Cos it is so kampung and always rain. Maybe I’m biased cos I’m here when it close to winter where it rain everyday, very windy and very very cold. Maybe in summer it’s much nicer? Who knows? I’m not going to find out, hahaha.

And here, they don’t have big store like Tesco etc, where u can get everything under one roof. No, they only have small grocery shop. Where u cannot find any cooking knife, spoon or fork. U have to buy it from special store like Kitchen where it sell all the kitchen stuff etc. Stupid right? I miss KL sooooo much. In KL, I have Giant in front of my house, Tesco like 10 mins drive, I have Sunway Giza, the Curve, OU.. here? Worse than Jitra okay. Serious Jitra mcm big town compared to here, huhuhuhu.

We plan to go sight seeing tomorrow (Sunday), I bet the view is fabulous, u won’t find it in Msia but u can find it in any other European countries, hehehe. For mountain, sea view etc, other than norway, u can get it in Switzerland, Austria etc. It’s just the same. It’s better u go to these countries than Norway as it has more place to shop! My opinion, cos I love shopping but it’s so limited here.

Oh, the good news! They have repaired the front door lock and the internet is now wireless!! (Yeay!!) Though it took them 2 days to do it. After a long angry email which I cc to everybody I can think of. On Thursday morning, woke up around 5am, and find the whole house is in total darkness. The light not working again!!! Luckily there’s torch light. Anyway, to cut story short, I reached office and start shouting calling the stupid slow agent, demand them to change me to other house ASAP or fix everything by today. And I send EVRYBODY (my boss in Msia, the big boss here, that agent boss etc) a long email saying how dissappointed and stress I am with this whole situation.

That got their attention. Sigh. Macam nak maki ok kalo bley. Sib baik aku masih ada sedikit rasa graceful, huhuhu.

Seriously, my colleagues here even said that the service here is really slow and u really have to remind them and chase them etc. Worse than Msia I think. At least in Msia, they will come, only few hours late! Here, not doing or coming at all until I got very angry!!

Luckily everything settle now. Except for the tv, the guy will fix it on Monday. Oh well!

Hope there won’t be any other drama regarding the house. I’m tired.


1 Response to "Weekend is here!"

haha seriously? Wish u will survive ‘jitra’ for another 1m 3w!

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