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Awesome weekend!

Posted on: October 24, 2011

Awesome cos now I know where is their biggest shopping mall is, yea yea. Suke atiii.

But there’s no famous labels for handbags, not even Longchamps! Duh! Why oh why, when almost the whole world is buying this label now, why is it not in Stavanger? Ishh

Anyway, it’s a huge mall. Kinda like Midvalley. And, they actually do have store like Tesco! I found it at that mall. The mall name is Kvadrat btw. And it’s 47mins by bus from my place. Very very far.  And we did all our grocery shopping there so i’m not sure u want to imagine this, but i’m like carrying 3 heavy grocery bags, walk to the bus stop, wait for the bus, etc. It was a very good exercise! If I don’t lose weight once I return from here, then I just donno what to say!

I miss my car. I miss my grocery trolley. I miss KL. I am being mengada ngada, hahaha. 😛

Missing Mr H and Danish so much! 😦

Anyway, went to the mall on Saturday. Then today (Sunday), we went on a cruise. 3 hours cruise, jalan2 tengok bukit, their summer cabin house which made me so envy, and I guess the famous are their ‘different’ rock. I would say u can find similar to this is Switzerland and some part similar to UK Lake District. So, no need to come here, hahahaha. Duh!

Anyway, Norway is famous for this fjordline. The lakes, the mountain, the view was spectacular. Would be more awesome if it’s not windy and cold! It would great in summer. Nice view, blue sky, sun shining – uh oh.. awesome! Too bad i’m experiencing a difference kind of weather.

So, I had a nice weekend 🙂


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