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Sudah stress kah? Apelaaa

Posted on: October 29, 2011

I had quite a stressful day today. Hahha, thought I won’t mention anythg abt work stress after audit but I guess, stress is just everywhere. Can never run from it.

So, i have to handle a company, which relatively not big, but so messy! The previous accountant who take care of this company accounts just do it her way, doesn’t matter entries posted to wrong account code etc (to non-accountant, this means what she did is wrong,ok). Anyway, now that I have to handle the accounts, everyday I found more mistakes that are made by the previous accountant! This is not good. Cos the auditors are coming soon to audit for Q3. Ohhhhh

So now I have to clean up her mess, which i found out new thingS everyday! Headache okay. After audit, my mind aren’t working too much I guess, i get bad headache these days, huhuhu. Feels like auditing that big bank again. Cleaning cleaning up messy accounts is just so stressful! Especially when the mistakes are not yours! Demmmm

Neway, to de-stress myself, I watched movies! Thanks Sal for the ‘old’ collection of movies that I copied from your hard disk! I watched “Just like heaven” and “Definetely, Maybe”. I watched them before but forgot how the story goes so watch it again. Made me smile 🙂

Now it’s time for sleep and forgot abt work for a while. Nitey nite


2 Responses to "Sudah stress kah? Apelaaa"

heheee…ur welcome 🙂

Safina, u’re scaring me. Lari from stress and now finding stress again?? Omg. Matila i nanti.

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