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An update :P

Posted on: November 4, 2011

I was on korean drama marathon last 3 days. My colleague keep suggesting City Hunter which I happen to have in my hard disk. So, since the tv isn’t showing much English speaking shows, I decided to start watching it.

Yeah,as you probably guess it. I start to sleep at 2am. Woke up at 7am and 7.40am, off to work! Managed to finish it last night. Sigh.

Did I mention my work is so stressful right now? Really hate that previous accountant! I feel like going to her and slap her face and maki her. Sigh.

Of course it’s only in my imagination. Arghh

So, with lack of sleep and stressful job, I’m so tired!

Luckily I still go back at 4.30pm everyday! Hehhehe. Best best

Last 2 days, my boss brought the whole team for a free meal at one of the restaurant here.

I really love that restaurant. Nice ambience, and nice food. Compared to other restaurant here, the price seems ok. Compared to Malaysian price, it’s expensive.

I ordered halibut (a white fish) and it was so nice. Of course, what else I can eat here other than fish and seafood? I was tempted to order grill mussels but ordered the fish instead. My colleague ordered the mussels and it was so nice! My meal costs around RM150 and the mussels around RM100 (told u it’s expensive). But around here, that’s ‘normal’ price.

Will upload photos later when I’m in the mood šŸ˜›

I asked boss for one day leave. Want to go Europe, not sure yet where. But since Stavanger is a kampung, there’s not many flight from the airport. Sigh. The airport is really really small. Alor Star airport is bigger ok. Hhuhuhu. So, the flight ticket is quite expensive.. hmm

Off to sleep!!


1 Response to "An update :P"

U know what, kebetulan I read one blog and he said Norway is top 2 most expensive country. Anyway at least u have the chance to be there! So hope u can enjoy it, minus the work stress :p

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