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Update of the week

Posted on: November 12, 2011

I’m still here, in Norway. Hubby arrived last Saturday and I think he already found the city to be very boring indeed. Heheheh

Seriously not recommended for holiday, hahah.

Today my colleagues went hiking up a famous Pulpit Rock (their only attraction – sigh), but since I’m not really a fan of hiking or any activity that need a lot of energy, so I didn’t go. I’m seriously not fit at all. And still don’t want to exercise. Aishh

The office here currently have a competition, called 10 000 step a day! It’s to promote healthy environment where everybody have to meet the minimum 10K step a day. There’s a small device which can fit to the pants and count your step as you move. And guess what, 10K a day is HARD! But these people take incentive to do some running, cycling, marathon etc. This is a really good competition right. And of course, I didn’t join. Hahaha. Damn lazy.

I don’t think I will lose weight either when I get back. I’ve been cooking rice everyday. Halal chicken and meat is available from some local supermarket so not much problem getting them. Though during lunch time, I usually eat salad, bread and some sardines as the meal of the day always have meat in them. Sigh

One more month to go. I miss KL so much. Missing Danish much more.

Time please fly very very fast. It’s getting colder too. Not nice. 😦


1 Response to "Update of the week"

Ooohh!! I am so happy that ur husband’s there with you! Lepas la jugak rindu kat family.

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