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Milan trip

Posted on: November 24, 2011

I was at Milan airport when writing this entry. Now I’m safely in Stavanger 🙂

Our flight has been changed to another airlines as Amsterdam airport are closed due to foggy weather. And so, we have 5 hours to kill the time before our departure time. I’m not sure what we going to do. We cannot check in yet and shops before check in are limited. Few restaurants, one newspaper shop and one small tie-rack shop. Sigh. Hope there’s more shop after check in.

So, we are in Milan but we didn’t visit Milan itself. Hahaha. The purpose of this trip is to shop at factory outlet as Milan have quite a few big outlets.

We went to foxtown outlet in mendrisio, Switzerland and serravalle outlet, 1 hour+ from Milan.

From Milan, it just one hour+ to Switzerland border and I think the famous Swiss area nearby here is Lugano. Famous for it’s beautiful lake and view.

We plan to go to Lugano but we spend so much time at the foxtown. Polo Ralph Lauren quite cheap compared to normal shop price. For example, the plain polo t-shirt cost around rm500 but there it’s rm180. Cheap? But I still think it’s expensive to spend rm180 on a shirt. Hahaha. So, if u have a big spending power, then u will think everything so cheap.

For the first night, we stayed at cruise hotel in como. It was nice. The room is big, the bathroom is huge but the Internet is so slow. And there’s only 5 channel on the tv, the English is CNN. Sigh.

Next morning we went to lake como. It was so beautiful. A lake surrounded by mountains, amazing! No wonder Maya Karin choose to get married there, the view is just so amazing. Why stavanger cannot be like that? It have sea, mountains but the view is so different. Hmmmm

Then we off to serravalle factory outlet. Apparently it’s the biggest outlet in Europe!

We rent a car cos I thought it’s much more convenience to have a car then using the public transport. But I don’t think we will do it again. Rent a car and drive in a country where people don’t speak English. Damn, it was frustrating. Alhamdulillah I was sent to stavanger where English is spoken everywhere.

We got lost few times on the road. And the garmin don’t have Italy in it’s database! Yeah, reminder, check garmin before going off. Thankfully I print some google maps before coming. Though we still spend few hours getting lost due to not understanding signage and construction works which are not in google map.

I really wish we don’t rent a car. Cos there’s bus available to both outlet from Milan. Cos when u have shopping in your itinerary, u really cannot due much sight seeing if u have limited time. Cos shopping takes a day!

Serravalle outlet is really huge. I’ve been to Cheshire oaks and bicester outlets and compared to serravalle, they are not so big. Again, the high end brands like prada, furla, ferragamo etc is cheap compared to normal price but I still cannot afford it. Hahaha. My spending power is quite small, :p

Still, a nice but tiring and rushing trip. An experience that will be remembered.



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