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Posted on: December 3, 2011

So many things happen past weeks.

1. Grandma

My grandma passed away last Friday. Al-Fatihah to her.

I got the news while going to a meeting. I cannot stop thinking moments with her when she was alive and healthy. SHe used to live with my family when I was small but I can hardly remember those moments except for she use to teach us to read Quran, rotan us when we play during those session. Then I got another chance to live with her, when my parents was in UK, I used to go to her house during weekends and school holidays. At that time, I used to be mad at her cos she always tell people, almost everyone how lazy I am that I never help her to cook and clean the house. I was 15 years old at that time. I find it annoying that she tell me I’m lazy. Hahhaa.

My grandma was a remarkable women. She raised 12 childrens. My grandparents was a rubber tapper and it amazed me that they managed to send 11 childrens to university! We always said to my mom that Tok should get the Tokoh Maal Hijrah.

Tok was sick for years. During her final days, she didn’t even recognise who I am anymore. It’s difficult to see her sick and weak as she used to be strong and tough. I remembered how she argue with taxi drivers cos they charge so high for just 10 mins ride from town to her house. We ended up walking. And she walked so fast. I can hardly caught up with her at that time.

Then she got sick. There’s no more her famous sup tulang during hari raya. No more rendang. Ketupat. Kuih she made herself. She’s a really good cook.

She’s great. I hope she will be placed among the pious. Al-Fatihah to tok.

2. Menghitung hari

One week plus for me to go back to Malaysia! Hope everything goes as planned. No bad weather etc. I’m always scared of flying. No matter how many times I have flown, I still get the butterfly in my stomach feeling each time I’m in a plane. SIgh.

Danish has grown up so fast and I have missed so much. Yes, it’s a regret but I need money, for him and our family, thus I have to do what I have to do.

He can now clap his hand when asked to. He can do twinkle twinkle little star with hand, so cute! He can wave good bye. He start to cruise.

Each time we skype, he will want to hold the ipad and turn it around cos he expect us to be behind the screen. Then he will mengamuk when he cannot find us. Sigh. Hearth breaking moment.

3. Stavanger weather

It rains almost everyday here. There’s some occasional snows with the rains but it’s not a lot. U can’t build any snowman or play snowball as it’s so little. It’s nicer to have snow during winter as with just rain, the weather is so dark and gloomy. With snow, it covers everything to be white. And it doesn’t look so gloomy despite the cold weather.

Oh well. I can’t wait to get out of here. I just miss Malaysia so much.


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AlFatihah for ur tok… Sabar fiena, after this u can gomol him puas2 đŸ˜‰

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