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Looking back

Posted on: December 27, 2011

Just some notes for me to see what has happened in 2011:

January – Was in charge of handling another client, a bank in KL. Around 8 months pregnant. Thankfully I have a great team and manager which always let me go home early (early in audit unofficial working hours)

February – Alhamdulillah, it’s a month full of public holidays that I manage to take 2 weeks of before the due date. After 17 hours of pain, Danish is safely born. Had pantang at my in laws in Penang.

March – Pantang! Full of emotional turmoil and dramas. Drama with the maid, the confinement lady, my family etc. Adapting to the little ones takes time. Ahh.. drama with susu yang tak cukup, yg sakit berdarah .. hmmm

April – Back to work. Leaving Danish in Penang. Another emotional turmoil. Every Friday I have to travel back to Penang and Sunday, back to KL. Very very tiring.

May – Hand in my resignation letter. I’ve had enough. I quit without having any job offer. A risk. Ahh.. money is good there, if i stay. Though I believe money can make u happy, it’s only when shared with ur loved ones. If u don’t have time to spend with ur loved ones, when do u want to enjoy the money?

June – Bye bye audit firm. Bye bye misery. Alhamdulillah, few days after I quit, went to job interview and got an offer. Alhamdulillah. Rezeki Allah yang tentukan, kan? The salary is not so good but I want happiness, I want spending time with family so I made the choice.

It marks our 2 years wedding anniversary too. 2 years of ups and downs. Of quarrels, tears, laughter, hugs and kisses. May our marriage last til our death and be filled with joy and laughter.

July – I’ve got a maid. House was spotless clean for few weeks. Danish was only in KL for a week before we realised the maid had a very bad diabetic. She failed the medical check up. The immigration won’t approve her permit. The agent will not replace with new maid. I lost 4k, just like that. I like to think it’s because of I didn’t really do a lot of sedekah. Or maybe it’s the zakat I did not paid in previous years. It was not meant to be mine.

August – Ramadhan and Raya. 1st raya with Danish. I was still going back and forth KL- Penang-KL every weekend. Alhamdulillah, with the new job, I really don’t need to work during weekend.

September – My sister’s wedding. It was nice having all the families around. And Danish has been a good boy, having fun with the crowd. Sampai letih sangat tido senang je. 🙂 Mr H and I went on a roadtrip to Terengganu when we went to the groom side in Kuantan. We had fun shopping at Pasar Payang and Noor Arfa. And the scenic view going back to KL. But may not drive again to Terengganu, hehehe.

October – I was sent to Stavanger, Norway for 2 months training. Not a place I thought I would go. And it’s not really a place u want to be, ahhaa. It’s so expensive and the weather did not help. As winter approaches, it rains almost everyday. Always dark and gloomy. Oh yeah, I had few dramas regarding the staff house. Sigh.

November – Mr H arrived in Norway! Few days and he found out how boring this town is. Hahha. Anyway, took a day off and went Milan for a weekend. We had lots drama in the highway, getting lost. Not understanding Italian. Still, we had fun, shopping, discovering Lake Como. Wish we had more days to spend there. 3 days is just not enough!

December – got back to Malaysia last Friday. Alhamdulillah, Danish recognized me and is so happy that his mummy n daddy are back. Went on a short trip with inlaws during Xmas holiday and the verdict? We may not go for any vacation until Danish is like 4 years old? Hahha. He get so miserable and cranky! Kesian mummy n daddy :p

It has been great year. I had the greatest gift of all, Danish. 🙂 I am blessed, alhamdulillah.
Wishing for more joy, happiness and laughter with my loved ones.


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