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Tiger mother?

Posted on: January 3, 2012

Should 1 year old learn ABC? I mean, should he know ABC?

This got me thinking after getting a phone call from a friend, asking me the syllabus for one year old at a nursery I’m going to send Danish next month, INsyaAllah.

I laughed at her Q. Thinking why u want your 1 year old to be pressured into learning at early stage?

The principal did briefly explain the syllabus but I don’t really give it a thought at that time cos I don’t really care. One year old! It’s his time to play right. And if he learn along the way, it should be a fun process. Not pressured or tested, right? My opinion.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be a tiger mother. Pressuring the kid to be the best in everything.  While I was growing up, my parents don’t really give pressure. They just say study and do your best. If we don’t study or finish our homework, then yes we get scold but we are not pressured to be the number one. They did not ask us, why we r not no 1. Why u cannot be like that boy/girl etc. But then maybe it just my view, as Alhamdulillah, all through the years I’m quite at the top of my class so maybe I do not feel any pressure. Maybe my other siblings did. I donno.

And yes, I’m proud when Danish accomplished certain things that seems early for his age. When people praised how clever he is. But I’m not sure I want to pressure him. Hmmm

Maybe I will be a tiger mother? But if possible, I like him to learn in a fun way. Not cos of pressure or stress from his parents. Hope I can maintain that.

Danish can now say Mummy Daddy 🙂

 And no, I don’t pressure him to say that.



3 Responses to "Tiger mother?"

my wild guess Danish learn quite fast sbb u dah train dia time kat tiger job when pregnant with dia kot safina…hahhaa…:P

Hahahahah, yeah, i should start teach Danish figures now. Since he has absorbed all since in my tummy 😛

I have same view as urs. Let them play..1 yo kesian ok nak suruh belajar macam-macam, hafal flashcard, etc. Bukan tak ajar means they will dumb, but let they learnt about themselves, environment, people = fun. When they play, they know how to interact, when they mingle, the learn empathy, etc etc. I won’t stress Zahra on ABC or 123 yet. Just let her have fun and learn naturally about things around her.

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