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Love and hate relationship with AUDIT

Posted on: January 19, 2012

I was reading another emotional outburst from ex-colleague on fb, trying to survive another peak period, trying to survive the audit life.

And another ex-colleague who has quit audit and missing the audit life.

It’s much harder when you are a mother and an auditor at the same time. Super duper hard. U miss ur baby, u want to cuddle and hug ur baby. But the bosses keep calling u. U don’t have ur weekend. And most of the time u work around 16-18 hours a day.

Ughh.. nightmare. Most of the time u think u cannot do this, u won’t survive but it will pass. Cos when the situation is tough, you automatically will be tougher cos the situation force u to be tougher. U cry, u wailed, u complained, in the end, u get through. When u look back, u wonder how u did it. U feel amazed with urself, hehehe. (That’s how I always feel, hahaha).

When I was in audit and complaint endlessly to my aunty, she keep asking, “Why u stay? Why don’t u get out since u suffered so much!”

My reason would be, “Cos of my exam. The stupid bond. And so much money  has been spend for the exam!”

But I think the truth is, eventhough I suffered, I feel comfortable there. I know my way around. I know what the future would be. (Different client, same client, the procedures is just the same!). There won’t be any drastic change. Every day in the audit firm is basically the same.  The best part is just u get to audit different client and the FRS keep coming up with new standards, ur days are never boring! There are always things to think. A lot of things to think and do!

And so the thought of working elsewhere, in non-audit company, is quite scary.  Most of us are scared of being committed to that one job, repetitive job, we scared we get bored. We’ve seen cases of colleagues quitting audit only to enter it again cos they find working 9-5 is boring. Oh yes, we have become a complete workaholic.

And in audit, since u spend so much time at the office/client, u bonded with ur colleagues. They become ur family. They understand u better than ur family and friends cos they went through the same situation as u! I think that’s what most of us miss, the bond. Cos when u r working in a 9-5 job, u don’t really have time to bond. Cos everybody have their own life. They went to have their own activities after working hours. Unlike audit, u seems to share ur life with ur colleagues. So u did things together. And sometimes cos u r so bz at the office, u lost some of ur friends so these colleagues become ur bff.

I miss them, the people I know when I was in audit. Most of them has left anyway. I miss the bond, the team spirit. They are part of me, helping me to become who I am today.

But I hope I will not return to audit again. Hahahah. So far, I love my 9-5 job. InsyaAllah.



2 Responses to "Love and hate relationship with AUDIT"

hahahhaaa….i cant help laughing out loud while reading your blog….coz its soooo dam true…..right now i am really thinking hard what should i do after i finished my term here….should i go back to audit???…i know what kindda hell it gonna be…but then again i keep asking myself…is that what i really looking for in my life???….

When people ask me how i can i survive audit life…i sumtime wonder???…how…oh how??…3 days without sleep…..3-4 hour sleep when peak period…..7 days a week of working…yea truely amaze with our body ability…3 client in the same time…24 hours devided with work…n work…hahahhaa….crazy life…but what i really miss the most is the friendship that build out of it….felt really lucky coz being able to meet great people…help me to grow inside out….:)

Life is full with surprises…enjoy every moment that being given…coz we never know when its gonna end…being greatfull with what He had granted soo far….everyone have thier own path to walk on each day…thats make our story soo unique n exceptional 🙂

babe, whats ur email add? want to forward email. somebody left a comment in my blog asking u about mamypoko in penang hehe

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