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Danish is in town!

Posted on: February 15, 2012

Danish is in kl now! He started nursery this week and so far, involved a lot of tears, huhuhu. Mummy pon tahan air mata dengar anak nangis2, huhuhu.

Apparently he only cry when he heard other kids cry. And there’s one girl who always cry, sigh. And Danish don’t want to play with other kids yet, he still feel overwhelmed I think, realizing he’s not the only kids around. So he’s very clingy towards the teachers.

It has been 3 days and I hope things will improve. In laws and the maids has been missing him a lot and some even cried when hear he cries. Sigh. I’ve been experiencing that for almost a year! And I’m the mother too! Hope they won’t think I’m selfish, snatching away Danish from them, but, isn’t a mother suppose to take care of their babies?

This is my time, to take care of him. Hope situation will improve.

This Sunday Danish turn one! A toddler, not a baby anymore. Time sure flies so fast!

Note to myself on Danish progress so far:
– when hear azan or when ppl say Allahuakbar , he will raise his hand to his ears, as in to perform solat.
– when we say baca doa or we recite doa makan, he will raise his hand to his face
– when ask him to salam, he will Salam ppl hands
– when said dog or cat, he will say woof woof. I think he find it hard to say meow.
– when ask to sayang/ kiss, he will bring his forehead or cheek to our cheek for us to kiss him
– his favorite word is vroom vroom. So daddy’s son! Almost all that round become his steering wheel, even the laundry basket!
– oh, he can walk quite fast now. But a bit clumsy, like mummy, huhuh. Keep stumbling all over the place.
– when angry, will bite or hit ppl, ESP mummy. Then after that he lean his head or cheek for me to kiss him, sigh, kecik2 dah tau camne nak soften mummy’s heart

I love seeing him smile and laugh. Light up my heart and soul.

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1 Response to "Danish is in town!"

This is a very good news indeed!
Hopefully things will turn out well 🙂

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