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Update of the week

Posted on: February 24, 2012

This week marks 2 weeks Danish at the nursery.  For this week, only this morning he didn’t cry, and surprised everybody. Now weekend is coming and we back to crying on Monday, huhuhu. Hopefully he can adapt to the nursery soon. It’s heartbreaking to hear him cry and thinking he’s unhappy.

There were times when I feel like I snatched away his happiness. He seldom cry when he was in Penang. But here, everyday! I feel bad. Hopefully things get better soon.

Almost everybody is pushing me to have maid but I want him to go nursery. He learn a lot of things! What can a maid teach him? Of course, now the house is not so clean. I cannot mopped and sweep everyday. Only during weekend. Still managed to do laundry and fold clothes etc once he sleep.

Danish has been going to bed early since he went to the nursery. Previously, he sleep around 10,11, sometimes 12pm. But now, 7.30pm already merengek sleepy.  But I play with him until 8.30. By that time, so kesian, bawak la tido. Cos if he sleep at 7.30, he will wake up around 6am and by the time he reach nursery, he be so sleepy and cranky.  He even had a nap during their playtime. Now that I let him to sleep around 8.30, he woke up at 12.30-1am for milk, then 5.30-6am for another milk. And sleep until 7+. Enough time for me to pray, shower and get things ready.

Now I left house around 7.30am, reached nursery around 7.50-8am, depend on traffic, and 15mins later, reach office. Alhamdulillah, everything is just within the area.

Oh yeah, last weekend Danish turned one. My in laws came from Penang and we had small makan2 and cake at my husband aunties’ house.  The birthday boy was smiling so wide when people gather around him and sing the birthday song. He even managed to ‘smash’ the cake (sigh, he is still not allowed for cake or any sugar food). And keep asking us to repeat the birthday song, hehehe. So cute.

I wasn’t planning on celebrating cos he didn’t even know what birthday is but I’m glad we had a little cake session, he’s so happy! 😀

Well,  that’s an update for now!


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