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March is here!

Posted on: March 2, 2012

I’m so glad it’s Friday today. Cannot wait to spend more time with Danish and hubby this weekend. My in laws are coming over too. Though now Danish is with me, I still miss him everyday. 5.30pm everyday is my happiest moment cos I’m picking up Danish from the nursery. It is tiring but I’m so happy!

And this week, I start calling cleaner to come n clean the house once a week. And it does help to lift up some burden off my shoulder.

 Danish is still coughing at night, especially when he cry. And he always cry cos once back, I have to prepare his porridge in the kitchen and didn’t allow him to be in the kitchen, so he will cry until I attend him. And when he’s really tired and sleepy but still to early for bed, he want me to carry him all the time. Put him on the floor, he cry. Sigh. Praying maghrib is a battle. Hahahaha. I still think I don’t need a maid.

 U know, last time, before Danish, everybody pity me on my long distance marriage and now its also the same case! Haishh, I’m fine, in fact better than the last time. Not a big deal. So far I can handle it. So, no need for the pity voice and look. Sheesshh.

And I’m happier to say Danish is happy now at the nursery. No more crying when sending him. I’m glad. And he’s more talkative too these days.

Last few days, woke up at 4am, I gave him milk and after finish it, instead of continue sleeping, he decided its fun to have a chit chat with mummy! I talked with him for a while, even entertain his fav game (throwing things and ask mummy to pick up, while innocently go uh-uh with hands gesture – cos I always do like , ‘hah, mana puting, mana? Hilang laa’ with my palm face up and down), so he was throwing his soother and keep doing with his hands, sigh. When I ignore he will cry and point at it until I pick it up. When I give it back to him, he throw it again, do the hand gesture again etc. Sigh. After few games, mummy decided to ignore and go back to sleep. Danish is sleeping in his cot/playpen. I’m not sure what time he sleep, I just let him talk, huhu.

And yesterday, we was at clinic, a baby cried, Danish pull out his soother and offer it to the baby, hahaha. I guess its bcos we always give him his soother when he cried and he stopped crying so I guess he think it will help the baby too, hahaha. It amazed me at 1 year, 2 weeks old, Danish understand things like that.

And last weekend, we went to OU, once we enter the parking, he was all so happy, like knowing where we are going. We only go for a short while, on the way back, when we want to get out of the parking, he start doing a fake cry. He goes huhuhuhu. Hahhahaa, so funny! I guess he knows we are leaving the mall and he’s sad. He started doing the fake cry since he was in Penang, mimicking my SIL who did a fake cry when he don’t want to kiss or anything. Now he do the fake cry sometimes so that we kiss him. HAhahah. Guess now he know to express sadness by faking a cry too.

I guess my weekly update will only consist of Danish now. I have another blog esp for him but I’m so lazy to have to update 2 blog. So, just do everything here.


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