Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: May 18, 2012

It has been quite a while. I’m so busy with work these days that i usually have to go back around 8pm which is LATE! (In normal non-audit world), hehehe. I am so spoiled, i know. Going back more than 5.30 is just unacceptable now, hahahha. Sorry auditors friends, not trying to show off here 😛

Anyway, i’m bz these days cos i’m being audited! And now I totally understand why my ex-client hate me and why when i introduce myself as auditor when i met people, their pleasant smiley face totally become the opposite. Man, i really dont like auditors! Hahahha. Pestering around me now and then like flies, hahaha. Gile tak ingat asal usul, huhuhu.

I think audit really bring out the worst in me. Though i’m no longer an auditor, being audited bring back my temper! I haven’t lose my temper because of work since i quit audit and suddenly its coming back. And now i have like 5 auditors bugging me for documents! 5!!! Sigh~ The email came every hour, they also keep appearing at my desk until i had enough and said, see me after 2pm as i need to prepare for their previous requests in the morning. Or else how can I meet their request? Totally crazy and yesterday its just so much, i guess. And even today, they are like sticking next to me from 3pm-7pm!!! Ughhhhhh

Just when i thought no more bitching about audit! HAhhahahaha

Anyway, Danish is still in penang. The maid ari tu confirm nak datang, then now say tak boleh datang, sakit hati ok. I just dont know anymore. If only if only if only. Ummm

Danish is very active and clingy these days. Maybe its a phase? I still go back to penang every weekend and everytime i’m there, he wont let me out of his sight. Even to the bathroom! Each time i need to go to toilet, he’ll be wailing crying like i’m leaving him. Quite heart breaking but i need to shower! And so i dont think i can send him to nursery now, i just cannot bear thinking about him crying and wailing. Totally heart breaking. 

Oh well, maybe i just didnt pray enough? Lets see how it turn out, i’m so tired of these distance and travelling.



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