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Danish at 16 months old

Posted on: June 12, 2012

The audit is coming to an end, soon I hope. I’m less busy this week. No more daily arguments with the auditor. Dislike them, a lot! And I guess I’m their worse client too..hmm.

Anyway, I’m still travelling every Friday KL-Penang-KL. It is so hard to get affordable maid these days. When I ask around, the agent fees now is around 8k!! Aihh… kena buat personal loan kot just nak maid. *Crazy*

Danish is now around 16 months. Full of ideas this little guy. Cannot keep still for 5 seconds before he zoom here and there. Bruises everywhere. Refused to listen to anybody especially mummy. He wail, scream so loud til he get what he want. I guess he got my stubborn gen. Sigh.

He love animals, just like his daddy. Mummy is scared of animals okay, especially cat and dog. While his favourite is dog which he called it “ber”. He cannot pronounce certain alphabet which include ‘m’. Both mummy n daddy is ‘daddy’. Though these days he called daddy as ‘dad’.

Any vehicle that is big is ‘bus’ though in actual fact they are lorry, van or even estima. His version of thank you or terima kasih is ‘ateh’. When hungry he will say ‘am’. Last time it was ‘mamam’, now just ‘am’. And if he really like the food, he goes ‘mmmm, yummy’. And proceed to eat it by himself by quickly grabbing the spoon and fed himself. Though it seldom goes to his mouth, instead always to the floor. And then it became the battle of the spoon between mummy and him. Which eventually lead to 2 bowls of food and 2 spoon, one for mummy, one for him. And a messy floor.

He is so fast these days. Always running. One time, daddy went out of the room and didn’t realize that Danish was speeding to follow him, so Danish head banged on the door. Hmm. I tell you, there’s injury almost everyday. Running and tripped, climb and fall down. And banged his head at the door. And crash grandma’s china to the floor. Yes, active boy.

Its not that he don’t understand he is not supposed to do it. He understand, we know. Like when he always throw his bottle to the floor after drinking it. When we said, Danish good boy, after drink put the bottle on the table, don’t throw ok. Depend on his mood, he will put it on the table, and we be clapping good boy or he look at you straight in the eye and throw it to the floor. And give a look like, now what u gonna do. Yeah, he understand all right. Just don’t want to do it.

He still sleep in his play pen but we have to find something new soon as he can now climb out of the playpen. He will stack all his pillows and blanket and start climbing. Very dangerous. I cannot buy a kid bed as my room is not big enough for it, maybe a thick mattress and put it on the floor. Co-sleeping? Hmmm.. he like to roll around when he sleep and always grunt when he meet our bodies and cannot roll further. So I think he need his own bed.

He loves water. Having a bath is not a problem, getting out of it is. And he refused to wear diaper, or clothes. Screaming and running around the house. And always want to wear clothes by himself. Though the pant always end up at his arm.

He love to play chase. Though mummy, always short of breath after few run. Huhuhu.

He’s very friendly. Each time we go out, he will greet strangers, offering handshake or just a wave of hi. This is obviously not mummy’s trait! 😛  But if the stranger want to pick him up, he will run.

Each time I went back, he just cling on to me. Which is fine cos I like clinging to him too, hehehe. Mummy yang kekurangan kasih sayang. It is tiring but I’m really happy. Seeing his smile, laughter and mischief, I still cant believe he’s mine. He’s the best. Of course, all parents feel the same way right. Their kid is the best and most handsome/beautiful J.

Enough of Danish I guess. Since I seldom blog now, this is just a note of his current milestones. There’s more but will be on next entry insyaAllah.



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