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A reminder to myself

Posted on: June 18, 2012

I started blogging since late 2003, when I started my degree. However, I have been writing diaries since I was 10/11 years old. So yeah, I like writing. There were even times when I hate it that my family always read my diary that I started to create codes to write. It was satisfying cos only I know what all those codes means but now, looking back, I can only stare at those codes blankly. I cannot remember what those codes mean! Hahahah, serve me right huh.

Anyway, I just read a blog, from a blogger who called herself kak lela. She has been living in Japan for so long with her husband and kids. I started to read her blog in 2004, when all her kids was still studying and now, one of them just delivered a twin! How years has passed.  

Blog is a wonderful  creation.  It doesn’t just give insight into other people life and thoughts, but giving u more friends. I have met wonderful people through blog and still friend with some of them today. And when I feel I had the worst day, just click those blog which shows determination and perseverance though they had a hard life. Example, alia haryani (just google and u can see her blog). A single mother with 3 kids and she’s also paralyzed as she suffer from some disease. Hospital is her home. It is so sad and heart breaking reading her story. That u instantly pray to Allah to please cure her, let her be healthy and please let her live long so that her kids have someone to rely on. Please people, donate to her as that is the least we could do.

This is why I refrain myself from complaining. Oh, we can complain about a lot of things. Nothing is ever enough. We always wish for something better. Oh, I am actually in no position to complain. I have a job, a car, a house, a good husband, a son, great families, these long distance marriage is actually just a small test from Allah compared to all these things that I have been given.  Human, always forgetful.



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