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Posted on: July 11, 2012

Last 4th July, I turned 29, a year to hit the big 3-0. I had a quite few nice small celebration this year. As my birthday falls on Wednesday, Mr Husband couldn’t celebrate it with me so we had an early start. On sunday, my husband and inlaws treat me to Japanese buffet at Kampachi restaurant in Equatorial Hotel, Penang. It was really good, highly recommended! The hotel itself is also very nice, Danish love it so much that he refused to get in the car when we want to go back. I hope we would find time to spend a night there, really like it. On my birthday itself, my colleagues at office surprised me with balloon and birthday banner around my work desk. Then we went to TGIF for lunch. The evening was spend with my aunty and her kids at Muhibbah Sg Penchala, which is my fav restaurant of all time :D.

Then last Saturday, my husband and in laws arrange for cake cutting. I have hinted to Mr Husband for the cake, it was Nutella cake by the local baker in Penang called Melting Bites. It was soooo nice. Danish is the happiest when they sing the happy birthday song. Hahahha. I think every kids will beam when they heard the song, always thinking it is theirs.

Then yesterday, another celebration for me, isma, moon and nynna’s birthday by the girls at BSC. I hadn’t seen these girls for ages and it always fill with laughter when we are together. Luckily there isn’t much people at the restaurant or they will get really annoyed with us cos we are so noisy. Imagine 12 people having a really good time! 😀 Wish I could attend every gathering they do but most of the time it falls on weekend which means I’ll be in penang. Sigh.

So, I had a nice birthday this year. And I bought myself a nice birthday present too. A silhouette cameo! Go google friends, hahahha. Something to fill up my evening, got tired of watching Korean dramas now, hehehe.

Looking forward to another year of fun and laughter!!

Thanks to all that wishes and those who share for the gift yesterday! 😀


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happy belated birthday safina..:)

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