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Posted on: July 25, 2012

Since I got the silhouette cameo machine, i have stopped watching korean dramas! HAhahah. I’m so addicted to craft now. And silhouette cameo can do a lot of thing that made the ideas keep popping up in my mind. Soooo addicted that i even wish i could take leave from work so that i could do my craft, hahaha.

Though now i’m more focus towards fabric painting. I’ve been painting shirts & bag right now. Again, lots of ideas but so little time since i only have time to do it after office hours. And i’m not available on weekend either as i’ll be in penang.

I’ve been trying to do as many design as possible so that i can create some sort of brochure for people to order from me. So watch out friends, donno when but i’ll let u know. 😛

And now, 2 important items on my wish list right now: colour printer and sewing machine!!



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