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Bali 2013

Posted on: January 31, 2013

Happy 2013! Hahaha , dh nk masuk February baru nk wish 2013 šŸ™‚
We had a little break last week, went to Bali with husband ,Danish, mil n sil.
I bought the flight tickets during last year air Asia free seat sales.

So, it was a nice trip. Mr husband and I , we just love Bali. Since we didn’t cover ubud during our honeymoon last time , I made sure this time we did ubud by booking 2 nights at private villa in ubud.

It was a 5 days 4 night trip and we hired a Muslim driver, ytobalitours. It is recommended to get your own driver cos we learned during our honeymoon last time the taxi fare is quite expensive. And of course, with a toddler ,u don’t want to be looking for the taxi by the roadside ,huhuhu.

Though Bali is part of Indonesia , don’t expect it to be cheap. Cos their main business is tourism ,most of their price is in usd n quite pricey as well. Not really cheap like Bandung etc, definitely not a place for shopping.
Yeah ,they got pasar but u have to haggle like crazy which u might think u get the best price but ended up getting cheated ,sigh. Maybe I’m not really a good haggler.

Anyway ,we stay one night at kuta, the town, at alam kul kul hotel. I communicate via email with them n they confirm that their food is halal. It was really a nice resort, totally love it.

We didn’t do much on the first day ,just had early dinner at Wong solo ayam penyet where I read it has the best ayam penyet but for me, I still prefer the curve ayam penyet ,hahahah. Still ,good food n importantly ,halal.

Second day started by trip to ubud. Oh, the road in Bali is not so developed like Malaysia so everywhere is far cos u hv to use a small packed road ,no highway. It take us around 2 hours from kuta to ubud but it actually longer cos we stopped to several tourist places. On the way to ubud, u will pass villages where it seems to be constructed , I mean, u will pass whole village who paint art , then another village that make gold and silver jewellery , woodcarving , stone carving, coffee etc. these Balinese people is so crafty and creative , whatever they design is done to perfection.Ā 

Like paintings , I can now see why I can get cheap ones at central market n why in ubud it’s expensive. The one I bought ,not even big, took the painter 3 weeks to finish , wow! U can see the details with each brush strokes, I just fall in love with it that I know I have to buy it. Though I’m not sure what I paid is fit for it, I think I underpaid him but of course ,as buyer we just want to haggle the best price.

We had late lunch near kintamani, with gunung kintamani as our view , it was beautiful. Then I tried the kopi luwak, erm, I’m not a coffee drinker so I don’t really like it. I love their lemon tea but it was sold out, we went to look at 3 other gallery/shop and all sold out ! Sigh

In ubud, there’s not many Muslim restaurant so we had nasi padang n I love nasi padang.

I book a family villa facing their beautiful padi bukit n we r so lucky , we r the only guest there so we had the pool,the staff to ourself! Love it. We stay at villa junjungan btw.

Oh , I love their padi bukit. The view at tegalalang is breath taking. If I don’t have my son with me ,I would love to cycle around the area, just like Julia Roberts in the movie eat,pray,love. The painting I bought has the view of the paddy fields.

The third day we just spend lazing around , the in laws went for some shopping, I prefer to just sleep with my son, hehehehe. Cos when u got an active toddler , it really tire me out. I even vow not to take anymore vacation until he can take care of himself ,hahahhaha. Though I already bought tickets for this August during air Asia last month sale , huhuhu.

The fourth day we went back to town, I book Aston Denpasar ,another halal hotel. However it was so far from the lively kuta and the airport. And that place is not tourist area so there’s not much going on. I prefer if we stay around the kuta area.

Hah, in the plane , Danish didn’t sleep at all! Cos he already sleep at the airport while waiting for check in,sigh. Penat sangat ok. That’s for 3 hours flight. I longed to go Australia but I don’t see that happening ,hahahhaha. Until he can take care of himself ,InsyaAllah.


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