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Posted on: May 19, 2013

Last night incident with Danish at petronas:

Me: mummy nk amik duit kat bank
Danish: danish nak ikut?
Me: ok, but no chocolate, no keropok, no toys semua ok
D: ok

While walking towards ATM in the petronas:
D: Danish nak chocolate boleh?
Me: no. Siang td dah beli kan
D: nak keropok je boleh mummy ?
Me: no. Tak boleh beli apa2

Inside the petronas, while I’m withdrawing my money:
D run towards the cotton candy (which I never buy for him), “mummy nak ni boleh?”
Me: no
D run towards the keropok section and grab one bungkus,
Me: no Danish. Put it back or stay with Kakak (petronas cashier) if u want
D immediately leave the keropok and follow me to the door.

I am so proud! First time going petrol station and not buying any chocs or keropok etc! Yeay for mummy!

Danish has learnt that petrol station always have chocs, Pringles, toys and balloons. Hospital have balloons. Giant have slides and those big car with remote control. Curve have place with big balloons and balls where he can play for hours. Sigh.

We went to paradigm mall yesterday and he simply refused to hold our hands. And my, once he pulled his hands, it’s hard to get it back! I have become those mothers that run after their active kids in shopping mall cos he just cannot be still. My voice can now be heard loudly calling my son name followed with a loud “no”. Oh, being a mother to a boy has changed me totally. 

And yes, I rather shop alone than bring him to a crowded shopping mall. 
He’s getting bigger so fast. He’s half of me now. Going to be taller than me obviously. And he speak a lot! Clear words and sentences. Still amaze me with his vocabs everyday. 90% from the way upin ipin talk. 

I have to leave him for a month next month. Aish, another drama for me. He will be fine as he totally love it when he’s in Penang. Totally spoiled! 

I guess he can sense this. Cos he been so clingy with me lately. Always want me to hug him and kiss him. Which is fine. The not so fine is screaming, wailing and crying in front of the toilet door each time I’m in the toilet, even for 5 minutes! It has been a long time I can take shower peacefully.  Huhuhu.

Oh I’m so gonna miss him. 


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