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Creating memories in Oslo :)

Posted on: June 10, 2013

Here I am, trying to make nice memories in Norway (again!). Only this time its Oslo.

Its funny how Allah laid out HIS plans for me. I still remember during my last visit, how I wrote its not the best place to come etc, and now, a year and a half later, here I am, back in Norway. Hahhaha.

And I remember last time I wrote where i think summer would be nicer than winter and how im not going to find out. I guess now I can tell u if summer is better than winter in Norway. Hahahah

Funny right? Maybe in next 2 years, the company will offer me to be base here in Norway? Hahahhaha. Hope not.

Oh well. So here I am. Back in Norway. Im so glad its not Stavanger. Hahaha. Its nice to explore different parts of Norway!

And yes, summer is way much nicer than winter.

I’m at office now, trying to do some work but I guess Monday blues beat me! Huhuhu

Oh, I just had lunch at the company canteen earlier. I should have lost few kilos once I’m back to KL, hahahah. They only serve fish soup for lunch just now! Fish soup ONLY! Though u can choose to eat it with bread, salads etc. Still, bread? Salads? What are those? My tummy can sense something is really wrong here, cos now it has been grumbling, asking for rice! Sigh.

I miss KL. I want rice. I want Malaysia version of fish soup ( asam pedas, masak lemak). Not fish soup here, huhu. Ughh. Anyway, I plan to hit the thai restaurant later or maybe cook some rice.

Fish soup? Arghh, cannot imagine I just eat that for lunch! Poor tummy..


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