Blurt It Out!!

Hello 3-0!

Posted on: July 4, 2013

That 3-0. At least it still in the calendar, hehehe.

So, I keep thinking of what I have achieved so far. Do I think my 20’s are great? A success?

Feels like walking down the memory lane:

20-23 – Uni life, in UK. My current memory perceived these moments as great moments. Extensive travelling and crushes, hahaha. I remember one time I even had a crush on this chinese guy from China, which at one point made my parents worry, hahaha. Not much memory on stress, now looking back, I guess exam stress is nothing compared to the current stress, hehehe.

Late 23-28 – Auditor! The most stressful period of my life. Totally unforgettable. No regret though. I  believe everyone should have this stage in their life, especially if it affect their current life. It sure did affect mine, in term of job and salary. And it teach me the most important lesson in my life; patience. Which I really lack of it before. Joining audit teach me patience. With the clients, the boss, the colleagues, the juniors, the deadlines!

It also during this time it give me a sense of achievement. I passed all my icaew papers at first attempt. Got promoted every year. Get to be in charge for big jobs. I would have continue be there if I’m single, hehehe.

28-present – so I quit the audit world. I start working 9-5, which fit my current lifestyle. But lately, I find the job is too boring. My brain wasn’t being maximized. But I made the choice last time when I quit audit, it is quitting climbing the corporate ladder too.

I realized I have so much potential. But I will risk my marriage life, my family life. Such a big risk. Don’t think I could lose it just for me to have sense of power, personal achievement, nope, not worth it.

So here I am. Current aim: to be the best wife, the best mother and the best in everything I do.

Alhamdulillah, I am bless. I have great life. If only it could satisfy this hunger/greed inside me, huhu.


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