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Our family experience being isolated

Posted on: September 1, 2013

Our first experience of whole family getting sick, hv to be admitted and isolated. 
We had a week plus of raya holiday n just got back to kl last Saturday evening. Husband has been having cough for 2 days. Did our groceries on Sunday at market n giant. Monday morning, I went to work as usual, at noon husband said Danish has high fever so he took Danish to dr junina and we thought everything should be ok.
Monday evening, Danish fever went up, we tried mandi several times, sponge him with water, ubat bontot etc and still, the fever won’t go down. Around 10pm, he was shivering and crying saying he’s in pain that we really panicking and decided to bring him to the hospital before he got into another fit. 
We brought him to the A&E with him only in diaper n towel wrap around his body. Total panic, we r so scared if he get a fit.
Once there his temp is 39 degrees. The nurse gave him a sponge bath until his temp went down to 38+. Another ubat bontot for him then the doc decided to do a nasal swab test for influenza as he said there’s quite few cases of that recently. So, his test result is positive. Really, I heard of influenza before but don’t really understand what it is so when the doc said he need to admitted immediately n isolated, it scare us. Plus he said its similar to H1N1, sigh, we really thought it could be fatal. 
So he got admitted, both my husband and I sleep with him in the ward. I have been having cough as well that day so my body immune system is quite weak. At night, I feel so cold n feverish and I can sense I got infected as well.
Went for nasal swab the next day and doc confirm it. I need to be admitted n isolated as well. Alhamdulillah they let me stay with Danish. Would be very hard for husband if I’m in different ward.
So the test started. Test for us whole family. Since its contagious, visitors are not advisable n we don’t want other people to get affected as well so we shush from any help. No in laws, no my family, nobody is allowed to visit us. 
It was challenging bcos I hv to be on drip, so my movement is quite limited. And of course, my body was aching so actually all I want to do is sleep. But when u hv an active son, who can still run around and scream even when his temp is 39+, u don’t get to rest, or sleep. 
And husband is not well either, he didn’t hv any fever but his cough is quite bad and need to rest as well. So it was really tiring for us. Both of us was sick and Danish is just so active. 
My husband had to handle most of the thing since he’s the only one with no drip. Poor husband. Cannot rest at all. I’m very grateful he can keep his cool though Danish really test our patience level. Danish still want to walk and climb the rail bed even when his left arm is attached to the drip. So we had to bring along that drip wherever he go. Sigh. It’s hard especially as the tube is not too long and he was like running n climbing etc. he even tried to take the drip off his arm which resulted in bloods all over his bandage. Huhuhu.

So, what I understand about influenza from the doc is that it is fatal if u didn’t seek medical attention. It can lead to bronchitis n pneumonia very quickly which can result in death. It is spread from human, and it can stay in the air for 2 hours and spread for 2 meters! The doc said other viruses, will only stay in the air for 3 seconds then it will fall, no spreading. Not influenza, hence why we need to be isolated n why it’s highly contagious. 

So how it happen to us? No one knows. I guess the places we’ve been hv people who had this virus and Danish body system is quite weak as well that he got it. And so did I as I was exposed to Danish while taking care of him. Alhamdulillah husband didn’t get it, though his cough still quite bad. Huhu.

This is really a test for us. Alhamdulillah everybody is well now, no more fever. I’m glad we r together as a family. Only us. 


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Long time no comment. I was hit by the lazy blog bug which affect both blogging and blog hopping.

So sorry to read your experience being isolated. It must be stressful and upsetting. Glad you all made it out all right.

May your family be protected from any harm dear~


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