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SAHM & Working mother

Posted on: October 10, 2013

Just read a blog entry on fb from a husband point of view. the husband kinda mad when his lady friends were asking about his wife who decided to be a stay at home mum. 

And the comments, wow, there’s both sides to it really. all the sahm were saying how grateful they are that there is someone who understand how they feel and how the society is treating them like they are not contributing to the society justc ause tehy dont get a paycheck every month.

Then there’s the working mum who work full time and still do what expected of a mother do; clean the house, tend the kids etc etc. So we cannot say there are part time mum just cos they hv full time work.

I’m a 9am-5pm at office mum with a 2nd shift at 6pm-12/1am (time he sleep and i finish the house chores). it is super tiring. managing office works and managing family and household. It’s bearable when i have the maid with me as she will clean the house but i still find it tiring entertaining my little boy. Its just that after a whole day of office crisis, the brain cannot even relax. Then i get tired and crancky and get mad at my son. then i get sad cos i’m angrya t him, then i feel such a lousy mother. then i began to wish i’m a sahm cos then i only need to take care of my son, i dont need to think about office works or how to solve that crisis etc. so yeah, i do think sahm is much luckier and ‘free’ than me. they can just focus on raising their kids while me, i need to work and raise good kids with the limited time i have to spend with them. 

In the end, being mother is hardwork. especially when they are toddler, when they dont understand right/wrong, when they dont understand why they can’t hv m&m for brekafast, lunch & dinner. 

i guess it will get better as they get older, when they understand thing. 

Now we’re so far away and i only see him during weekend, i feel i miss so much of his growth process. i wish i could be sahm but i can’t. why these people who keep complain who’s better; sahm or working mother, just count your blessing, at least u get to see ur kid everyday and sleep with them everyday. I only get to touch him for 2 days 2 night every week. and man, i feel i’m such a lousy mother.


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