Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: October 30, 2013

Danish negotiating skills:

1-      Danish make a mess in the living hall, his toys is all over the place. We are in the midst of going out.

Me: Danish, kemas toys.

D: Danish tak pandai la mummy

Me: Siapa main toys?

D: Danish

Me: Siapa yg main, dia yg kemas. So Danish kemas.

I leave him for a while. My MIL walked in:

D: mak tok, tolong kemas. Nanti mummy marah Danish.


2-  Danish went to toys store with my in laws. He’s holding 2 type of toys.

         MIL: Mummy cakap apa kalau beli toys? Can only buy one right.

         D: Ish mak tok ni. (D obviously frustrated that mak tok mention about mummy’s warning, he thought he could get away with it. Danish put back both toys and choose another toy. So ended up buying only one toy)


3-      It’s quite hard these days to get Danish to take a bath. A long process of negotiation from both sides.

Me: Danish jom mandi

D: Danish tengok tv dulu, lepas cerita ni Danish mandi, ok.

Me: OK

Once the show ended.

Me: Jom mandi. Promise kan

D: Ok tapi Danish nak bawak toys mandi jugak.

Me: OK

And when he’s having his bath, another negotiation for him to get out from the bathroom.

Me: tengok tangan Danish. Dah kecut kan

Danish look at his hand then held it at his back, refusing to let me see his hand.

I quickly turn off the light cos he’s scared of the dark, huhuhu. That usually end up with crying from his side.


4-      Danish when we ask to choose/ giving options:

Me: Danish sayang mummy ke daddy

D: dua dua

And kiss both of us.

Me: Danish anak mummy ke daddy

D: dua dua


Me: Mana yang sedap, mummy masak ke daddy

D: dua dua

Hahahhahaha, he know the safe answer is dua dua. 😛


5-      We always use the app ‘waze’ when we not sure of the way.

We went IKEA/Curve sometimes ago and I decided to tease Danish.

D: Lambatnya, cepat la daddy.

Me: Daddy tak tahu jalan la. Macam mana

D: bukak la phone mummy. Phone mummy kan pandai.



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