Blurt It Out!!

he’s my husband :)

Posted on: November 28, 2013

Was cleaning up my yahoo inbox today and saw those old emails.

Emails from my husband (then boyfriend); he sure did send me lots of songs, hehehe. and when we broke up, n get together again and all, it sure does bring memories. we r so much in love back then, and alhamdulillah, still in love now.

I’m thankful he’s my spouse, my partner, my best friend. No kidding, he know me too well, yet i still cannot figure him out sometimes. he’s still an unfinished puzzle, a mystery, and, i like that.. it’s intriguing, 🙂

He always there, giving me support, of course, we argue (lots of it), but we made up. we are so different, yet we respect that and embrace the difference.

I know other guys where i can just ‘click’, sharing the same interest, talking same lingo but, i feel like it’s a male version of me. I can read that person, there’s no mystery, and i easily get bored too. 

At the end of the day, if i have to choose my husband or other guys, i will still chose my husband. he complete me, with his flaws and everything. and i love him so much


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