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More of Danish

Posted on: November 28, 2013

I need to jot down these memories of Danish, so, here there are:

1- My SIL is coming back from Sydney for semester break and Danish overheard the phone conversation between my MIL and SIL about bags.

     Once the conversation end:

D: Mak tok nak beli beg ke

MIL: Haah

D: Mak tok nak letak baju dalam beg semua, nak pergi kat umah maksu (SIL) ke

Hahahha, it’s just so funny. Amazing he could think of such things, takut kena tinggal la tu, hahahah


2- Every sunday when i need to catch my return flight to KL, my in laws will take Danish out, or else i wont be able to go and he would be screaming, crying etc. So as usual, come sunday evening, my MIL told him she’s going out. And Danish lovesss going out, but sometimes, being the clever he is, he refused the offer, knowing taht mummy will be gone when he got back.

So last sunday, he went out with my in laws. he asked about me in the car;

D: Mummy pergi mana, balik KL ke

MIL: Taklah, ada kat rumah

D: Mesti takde, mummy balik la tu

Upon arriving at home, still in the car, he said: Mummy takde.

MIL: Ada la, jom tengok kat dalam

D: Takde, car daddy takde (he knows daddy is sending mummy to airport)


3- Daddy got home from sending me to airport.

    D: Mummy mana

   Daddy: Mummy go work. nanti mummy balik ok

   D: ala daddy ni, danish baru nak main dengan mummy

Aish, my heart just break when my husband told me he said that… huhu


4- Danish saw Legoland advertisement on tv:

   D: Mummy, jom kita gi situ

   Mummy: Boleh tapi danish kena go school. kalau tak go school tak boleh pegi (danish dont like the idea of going to school)

  D: Silence ( i think he’s thinking of a valid point to argue with me, hehehe)


5- Danish was looking at our wedding photos. 

    D: Mana danish

    Me: danish belum ada lagi

    D: Danish kena tinggal la tu 

   Hahahha. kesian dia, selalu sgt kena tinggal.



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