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Book review: The shoemaker’s wife by Adriana Trigiani

Posted on: December 30, 2013

I first started with her books back when I was a university student. Since then, whenever I saw her books, I need to have them. Her books focus on family, Italians and female strength. And yeah, I’m such a feminist so I love her books 😛

This book relates to her previous books, and I love that she always develop a new story based on the existing character, and it will be different story line, I like how fate seems to connected in ‘miraculous’ way, yes, I know this is a fiction, still, it make me feel ‘magical’. 😉

It’s a story about Ciro, who when his father died when he was young, his mother, due to distress and financial constraint leave her sons to the nuns. So Ciro grow up in church and how this affected him so much. The longing for a mother, the hurt of not knowing the father, and how he have to be parted with his brother, I feel so much for him while reading the book. I cried reading how he struggles so he can get his dreams, to be back with his mother and brother, build a nice home at the alps, etc.

It’s also a story about enza, having to take care of big family since young, and they dream of having just a place of their own.

And so, both of them set foot in America, to get their dreams, their dream home, with their family.

It’s a struggle, living as immigrants. And of course, they found each other but it didn’t really have a fairytale ending. The ending make me cry at 2am (sigh).

Reading this book make me appreciate my husband so much. And everybody struggles, everybody suffer. Work hard and things will come your way.

In the end, it’s family, family matters the most.

I love reading book that make me feel ‘whole’. That motivate me in some ways. =)



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