Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: January 7, 2014

Lately i found myself reading my old blog, the ones when i was in a student in UK, when i was in my early 20s.

Totally a different girl. Ambitious. Positive i can change the world to be better place. Always have opinions on everything. Fun. Carefree. 

Ain’t uni life so wonderful? 

A friend mentioned about another friend who suddenly decide he had enough with work, so he quit and start to travel. I envy this no commitment life sometimes. Pack your bag and go. Nope, i cannot do that anymore. Cannot be selfish anymore when have other people depend on me. 

I guess we will never be certain with what we want in life. Or maybe there are people who certain what they want and get what they want. I dont know. I thought i have everything and suddenly i’m going to lose some of it. But even when i have everything, i never was truly happy then maybe its true, money can’t buy happiness. But surely money is needed to buy diapers, and milk and things for the little guy.

I like reading my old blog. Make me realised i have those times where i really enjoyed myself. no regret there. i think my youth is great. It make me smile, those memories. I wish i could update my current blog like i used to but the feeling is just not there, i’m succumbed to the depression and loneliness that everytime i type, all entries become an emotional entry. like this entry, sigh. better stop before i take u on the emotional rollercoaster


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