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Bukit merah

Posted on: January 15, 2014

Went for a one night trip to bukit merah with danish n husband. Took us around 1 hour plus from penang.

I’ve been contemplating for a 2 night stay but i’m not sure whats there n worry we might get bored when we reach there.

Well, i’m wrong n all of us love our stay there. Infact, it could be the place for our future quick getaway.

We stayed at kampung air water chalet. The chalet overlook the lake and we can even do some fishing from the room balcony, which was the main reason i booked it there as mr husband totally love fishing. And we love our first experience of water chalet at port dickson.

So, it met all of our requirement. Fishing for mr husband, loads of entertainment for danish and a happy mummy when everybody is happy 🙂

There’s waterpark, ecopark which is like mini zoo (danish just love it there, too bad we dont spend much time there as mummy was too excited for waterpark)! There’s also an orang utan island where u get to feel of whats it like being cage inside. Orang utan are so cute. There’s one orang utan used large leaf to cover her face as the day was hot, too cute. Danish even manage to race with a small orang utan, hehehe.

And mummy n danish love the waterpark! Mr husband didnt even go there as he’s only too happy to be left alone and fishing as our little boy get too excited to be daddy little helper. Well, danish grab the fish and squeeze it, i really pity the fish but when u hv a toddler, he dont get the word NO especially my son, sigh.

Mr husband got around 10 fish on the first day n night n got another 10 the next day! We bought it home and fry it and they were really yummy!

They also hv bumper car ride which we (danish n mummy as daddy bz fishing) get on 4 rounds! I let danish press the pedal n my, he is daddy’s son, super fast ok. I even felt dizzy at the third round. He love it so much as he has been telling us how he will drive fast when he’s big. I sense another racer in the family, huhuhu.

Overall, lots of star from us. We love it there 🙂


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