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Being true

Posted on: March 3, 2014

I dont like lying. I prefer not telling than lying. There’s the difference. Like when i was in college few years (10 years) ago. My dad would call and asked if i have any plans for the weekend. My reply would be, yes, going to the night market later with my housemate. And i didnt tell him that after the call, i’m out to a movie etc. So that’s not telling. Its not a lie.

A lie is like when you get a direct question and you only hv 2 choice; lying or tell the truth.

Earlier, the dodgy taxi driver ask me if my office is those office lots opposite my house. I said yes. A straight lie! I was being cautious, i’m scared. Why is he being nosy and asked these things? Another entry on nosy taxi drivers.

Anyway, this is why i hate lying. Cos the truth will slip out of my tongue and i’m caught redhanded!

We talked about water disruption and i was telling him water rationing start tomorrow for my office area. And i mentioned him the name of my office area. Darn! This is why i always just tell the truth. I like to lie but the truth will slip out and its embarassing! Sigh

And i dont like flirty nosy taxi driver! So nosy, asking me all direct questions! They should just talk about weather or politic! Not intruding other people private matters!


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