Blurt It Out!!

Life explained by Jeff Foster

Posted on: March 4, 2014

It’s that we’ve, on some level, we are afraid of life or we have become afraid of life, afraid of living. You know we spend so much of our time, it seems, turning away from life, turning away from ourselves; turning away from pain, turning away from fear, turning away from sadness, turning away from doubt.

And I’d say that if I had to summarize everything that I have to teach it’s, stop.

Stop turning away. And stay with life and turn towards life if you can. Face what is actually here. In the end, come to know it as yourself. It so often feels that life is somehow against us, you know? Or that life is doing something to us, or that life is going wrong, or that life is not going our way.

My invitation is: stop and look at what is actually here. Come out of your story of your life—life is this, life is that, or this is going wrong, or that’s going wrong, this will happen, that will happen. Just gently return to what is actually here. I talk about the constant invitation of life. I see life as a constant invitation to simply return home, in a sense, to return to what’s actually in front of you—because that’s really all you’re ever dealing with, although it can often seem like it’s so much more. Just face what’s here.


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