Blurt It Out!!

Life is better when u r laughing

Posted on: March 13, 2014

I got this quote engraved on a bookmark i bought recently.

I love to laugh. I think i laugh harder when i’m in misery or have problems. I find laughing therapeutic. It boost my mood. It make me happy.

I tend to keep people who can make me laugh, closer. And any guy who can make me laugh is on top of my list. I don’t care if he’s not handsome/rich/smart etc, if he can make me laugh, he scored big points!

One of the points on my checklist when i was looking for a husband :p
My husband is the funniest in his family, enough said 😉

I found myself making stupid jokes or say stupid funny things sometimes, just to clear the gloomy moods.

Lets laugh and laugh and sing!

Missing my girlfriends esp my unimates! Aint life was fun and full of laughter back then? I can still recall our monopoly, karaoke and lepak sessions! It brought smiles to my face 🙂


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