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New office, new memories

Posted on: April 15, 2014

My first day at the new office went well. Though i arrived way too early than other people or even to my liking. But i enjoyed the fact of going back at 5pm! Hehe.

This morning however i arrived around 8.20 thus i’m planning to go back around 5.20. I like the idea of coming early n going back early.

This is a manufacturing centre hence it’s so much different from KL office. The office is not as big as KL (obviously) and the finance dept only hv around 8/9 people.

To see so many people wearing the company famous blue overall, i was shocked and excited at first. I never actually saw the overall in real life before, hehe. But with the different mix of people; manufacturing, operations, safety, admin n finance under one building is a different experience. It was quite nice to be around by people who r not accountants :p

Nonetheless, i miss my KL colleagues. Friendship takes time to develop though i’m not sure i want to be close to anyone here or not, huhu. Sometimes i’m much happier as a lone ranger, just on my own.


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Keep on update!! I miss u! But my hands are too full and so my mind lately.

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